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Welcome to the New Dawning website.

This is the place to be to register your interest in forming a new guild. I will now explain my plans for this guild, hope it appeals to you and thanks for reading.
I plan to make a new guild called New Dawning and will be recruiting new players or players who wish to re-roll a low level. I will recruit in groups of 5 to make a team who will work together in instances, leveling and group quests, Obviously this group will be 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 3 DPS. Each group must level up keeping within 2 levels of each other (so if you feel you will level faster roll an alt to play so you don't out level your group). As soon as 2 groups hit level 80 and have decent kit they will be made into a raid team to start 10 man Naxx - Ulduar - ToC - ICC and same for when 5 groups hit 80 we'll make them a 25 man team. Thats a brief explanation of my plans for groups.
        For individual players they will be assigned a profession (Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting etc) for the benefit of the guild also some players will be needed to take only gathering professions to help supply the crafters and to sell items to help build the guilds gold up. Our guild crafters will be supplying the guild with armor, gems, enchants and consumables free.
        Guild bank will be filled with only useful items and all players are expected to donate maximum funds to the bank, In return the guild will pay for both ground mounts and first flyer, cold weather flying and dual spec where needed (epic flying will also be considered if we can build funds up well). So really members will only need enough gold to train as I plan also to make repairs from guild bank available (up to a daily limit)
        So an overview of this is I plan to make a guild where members priority is not how good they are but how good the guild is, we will work close as a team and give as much as we can to the guild. If you think this ideal of a guild is for you feel free to mail me telling me what class, role and professions you would like to fill. If you feel teamwork is not for you then join many of the random guilds out there.
        Final note: much discussion is needed for guild rules, ranks, running of guild bank and more so each person signing up to this site to register interest will be given access to guild discussion forums.
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Ikkunakuva, Mar 26, 10 12:08 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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